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Hengs Technology Co., Ltd

Hengs Technology Co., Ltd.
Hengs Technology Co., Ltd.
Hengs Technology Co., Ltd0
Hengs Technology Co., Ltd01
» Location Tainan
» Type Grid-Tie
» Capacity 314.82 kWp
» Completed 2021
Build A Green Energy Headquarter
HENGS’ new factory was completed on July 12, 2013. It is the first large-scale green multifunctional factory office in Taiwan that integrates solar power generation and buildings. The buildings are arranged in a polygonal shape with a special steel structure, which can highlight the ingenuity and creativity of the design when viewed from the air.Also, located in Yongkang Technology Park, the new factory not only has convenient transportation and perfect water and electricity infrastructure, but also is close to Yongkang Administrative District and Southern Taiwan Science Park, so there is no shortage of human resources.In order to implement the low-carbon, green and happy city policy promoted by the Tainan City Government, HENGS’ new factory has become a landmark building in Tainan City and keep attracting global attention.

Source: Hengs Technology Co., Ltd.