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Ground–mounted PV System Team
» Ground–mounted PV System Team
Our professional team is experienced and well-versed in ground-mounted solar power plants, having successfully completed numerous projects spanning over 50 hectares of land nationwide. Notable examples include the Xinzhong Power Plant and the QiGu Jhih-Guang Phase 1 project.
O&M Services
» O&M Services
We are a professional powerhouse that excels in providing a complete range of services, including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), Professional Construction Management(PCM), as well as Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Our expertise spans across every stage of the process, from project development, financial planning, design, material procurement, construction, to long-term operations and maintenance, ensuring a seamless and integrated one-stop service.
Energy Storage
» Energy Storage
We provide services related to energy storage business. Our energy storage systems are capable of charging and discharging according to grid demand, and can reach the required power within 1 second (13ms) to stabilize the grid frequency. This enables us to provide Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) with more time to activate subsequent rescue mechanisms and ensure grid stability.
Solar Products Selling
» Solar Products Selling
Currently, Hengs Technology Co., Ltd. distributes and sells a range of solar energy products, including:Solar Photovoltaic Panels、Charge Controllers、Stand-alone & Grid-tied Inverters、Batteries、Surge Protectors、Other Solar-related Components.
We provide services related to ESCO energy-saving business, leveraging the energy performance contracting model of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Through energy-saving measures driven by ESCOs, we integrate energy-saving technologies and financial experts under performance-based contracts, tailoring a customized service package for our clients.