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Hengs Solar Lighting
Hengs Solar Lighting

Well-Lit is designed professionally and able to meet to your specific needs. Under long-term testing and development with high standard, Well-Lit performs reliability, high efficiency and persistence. Comparing with other products on the street light market, Well-Lit is 20% more durable on cloudy days by our own designed logical controller. Moreover, we also provide climate analysis for model selection.
― 型號簡介 ―
Hengs Solar Lighting-HENGS-G01

此款路燈由支撐調節支架和鋁合金燈殼所組成。它結合了MPPT控制器和藍牙應用程序智能控制功能。This model of streetlight is composed of an adjustable support bracket and an aluminum alloy lamp housing. It integrates MPPT controller and Bluetooth application smart control features.
Hengs Solar Lighting-HENGS Split Soar light
HENGS Split Soar light

採用流線型設計的太陽能燈採用獨家私人模具製造,由鋁壓鑄件製成This model of streetlight features a streamlined design, is manufactured using exclusive private molds, and is made from aluminum die-casting.
Specification HENGS-G01-50W HENGS-G01-60W HENGS-G01--70W HENGS-G01-80W
Rated Power 50 W 60 W 70 W 80 W
Solar Power Power 18 V / 90 W 18 V / 110 W
Battery Capacity 426.2 WH 532.8 WH 636.3 WH 799.2 WH
Lumen Flux 6500-7500 LM 7500-8500 LM 8500-9500 LM 9500-10500 LM
Luminoous Efficiency 130-150 LM/W
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Specification HENGS-150D HENGS-200D
Rated Power 150 W 200 W
Solar Power Power 30 V / 130 W 30 V / 165 W
Lithium Battery 22.2 V /57.2 AH 22.2 V / 67.6 AH
Lumen Flux 19500-22500 LM 26000-30000 LM
Luminoous Efficiency 130-150 LM/W
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