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Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn

Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn
Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn
Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn0
沙Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn01
Taiwan Sugar Shalun Barn02
» Location Tainan
» Type Grid-Tie
» Capacity 2284.9 kWp
» Completed 2017
Pig Farming Renewable Energy in Tainan
One of the opportunities for Pig Producers to drive towards net zero is to deploy Solar PV systems to generate their own electricity to offset the GHG produced by the unit. For example, a 150kW Solar PV roof array will save approximately 80 tonnes of Carbon per year.

Production of pork produces approximately half of the Greenhouse Gases (GHG) per kilo of meat compared to beef or lamb, since pigs are monogastric and produce only a fraction of the methane of ruminants. Modern pig production is also increasingly efficient at converting plant protein to meat protein.

Therefore, with some good planning on feedstuff procurement, efficient slurry storage and investment in renewables it is within the grasp of many pig producers to move towards zero carbon meat production. What a wonderful opportunity for Taiwan Pig Producers.

Sources of information:Hengs Technology Corp. Ltd.