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Kaohsiung Port

The Port of Kaohsiung
The Port of Kaohsiung
The Port of Kaohsiung0
The Port of Kaohsiung01
The Port of Kaohsiung02
» Location Kaohsiung
» Type Grid-Tie
» Capacity 2369.97 kWp
» Completed 2016
The new look of the port area integrating into the environment and shaping the green port
The project's photovoltaic system was built on the roof of buildings in the port area, and its plate blends with the blue sea and the sky landscape. This light-to-deep gradient of blue is designed to make it look natural and appealing to the eye. The panels also blend in with the coastal skyline of famous Kaohsiung landmarks, such as the 85 building, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall and the Starlight Waterfront Park, presenting a unified image of a new-age green port. It has become a highlight of the Kaohsiung Port Area and is of great help to the Kaohsiung City Government and the Port Company in marketing the city and to promote tourism.

The project is based in Kaohsiung Port Area. The Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Port of Kaohsiung), replaces self-investment costs with a roof rental model in port areas such as Penglai, Zhongdao, Qianzhen Commercial Port, and the Fourth Container Centre.

Installed the first of complete solar power equipment on the roof of Taiwan's commercial ports. The clean renewable energy produced, in addition to optimizing the energy structure of the port area, will meet the Ports Corporation green port policy objective, while fetching the Port of Kaohsiung revenue from electricity sales to maximize its earnings, killing two birds with a single stone.

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