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TAYA Group

TAYA Group
TAYA Group
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» Location Tainan
» Type Grid-Tie
» Capacity 2392.25 kWp
» Completed 2016
TAYA Group Solar Power Plant
TA YA have 60 years’ experience in manufacturing electric wire and cable, in the fulfilling environmental protec- tion and fulfill corporate social responsibility, across of the renewable energy industry. The subsidiary companies of Touch Solar Power company was successfully linked to the system of the Taipower company on February 23 2016. On May 26 2016, started to operate the system and get the first solar power industry license in Tainan. In recent years, Taya Group focus on the renewable energy from all sides,including the research and develop- ment of solar cell direct electric cable, medium voltage submarine cable for offshore wind power system, planning and construction of solar power station. The Touch Solar Power company got the first type of solar electric industry license in Tainan. The first solar power station is located in Taya group Kuan Miao headquarters. The capacity of this power station is up to 2.39MW, annual generating capacity is up to three million degrees. It means the carbon reduction is equivalent to that of 3.5times area of Daan Forest Park. (Taipei Metropolitan Park)

Sources of information:Hengs Technology Corp. Ltd.