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AU Optronics Corp PV System

AU Optronics Corp PV system
AU Optronics Corp PV system
AU Optronics Corp PV system0
AU Optronics Corp PV system01
AU Optronics Corp PV system02
» Location Taichung
» Type Grid-Tie
» Capacity 9229.82 kWp
» Completed 2012
The Biggest Rooftop Power Plant in Taiwan
AU OPTRONICS CORP PV SYSTEM, planned on 2010 and established on 2012, is built on the rooftop of BenQ Solar, a subsidiary of AUO and located in Central Taiwan Science Park. This PV system, 11 hectares in size, overcoming the difficulties of aerial construction and vibration during installation, is the biggest rooftop power plant in Taiwan. Furthermore, to install the solar power system on the rooftop not only increases the usage rate of the building but avoids occupying the land. Thus, the cost saving from land leasing makes the power plant more economical and beneficial.

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