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20230326 TAYA Marathon
» Theme TAYA Marathon
» Location Taya group, Tainan(assembling place)
» Date 2023/03/26

Activity Introduction

TAYA Group has been deeply rooted in Tainan for many years, and has tirelessly combined local resources and culture to promote sports culture in Tainan. Since 2020, the group has been creating a tailored road running extravaganza event in Guanmiao, hoping to give back to the community by leveraging the Group’s influence.
20230326 TAYA Marathon04
20230326 TAYA Marathon01
20230326 TAYA Marathon03
20230326 TAYA Marathon02
20230326 TAYA Marathon05
20230326 TAYA Marathon06
20230326 TAYA Marathon07
20230326 TAYA Marathon08