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» Theme 2021 Charity Event: "Saving Lives with Used Shoes"
» Location Hengs Technology
» Date 2019/12/16

Activity Introduction

Many children living in the Elgon Mountains of Kenya in the African country have to walk for 2 to 4 hours a day in order to go to school. This long journey is full of gravel and dust. It is not only hard and painful, but also dangerous. Students were bitten by sand fleas without shoes on. Sand fleas are found in warm, dry soil and burrow into the skin from the soles of the feet to feed on blood. After sand fleas invade, toenails will fall off, toes will be deformed, limbs will be amputated, and even people will lose their lives. In this remote part of Kenya, as in many other places where sand fleas are infested, the solution to the problem is simple: a pair of shoes can save lives.
20191216 Saving Lives with Used Shoes
20191216 Saving Lives with Used Shoes01
20191216 Saving Lives with Used Shoes02