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聚恆是全台灣第一家,亞洲第二家取得德國萊因 O&M (運轉維護) 認證的 EPC 廠商,因為想從競爭中脫穎而出,又不想用價格競爭,是聚恆為什麼會想申請德國萊因 O&M 認證的原因

全台第一張由德國萊因公司發出的太陽能電廠O&M (運轉維護) 證書,花落EPC大廠聚恆科技! 並在18日登場的PV Taiwan展會場舉行授證。這張由萊因發出的全台第一張、亞洲第二張O&M證書,得之不易,對太陽能系統產業更具有領頭羊的意義。


聚恆科技獲頒全台第一張由德國萊因公司發出的太陽能電廠O&M (運轉維護) 證書

為落實雙保政策,聚恆堅持以優良的工程品質、充足庫存、數據品管及專屬維運組織,並將服務流程更標準化與國際化,並由德國萊因進行輔導級認證,過程耗時超過6 個月,經過密集的檢討與修正後,終於在中秋節前夕通過認證。


周恆豪表示,「要從競爭中脫穎而出,又不想用價格競爭,」是申請 O&M認證的主要動機。但一路走來的艱辛,「德國萊因的審查非常嚴格仔細,在文件管理和流程管理上,有很多小細節事前沒想過會有這麼大影響,因而體悟到魔鬼藏在細節的道理,也提升了維運組織人員的服務水準」,電廠事業部副總經理周恆安表示。
德國萊因是全球首家提出太陽能電站運維價值的國際認證單位,聚恆期許藉由這張O&M 證書,提升及見證其專業能力。「預防勝於治療,經由妥善事前規劃,平時做好運維管理才能確保太陽能發電系統的穩定及減低企業風險」,這是聚恆19 年電站經驗換來的深刻體認。



Hengs Technology, the first EPC vendor in Taiwan receives O&M company certification from TUV Rheinland
Now in its 19th year, the company has built more than 600 power stations, and has experience with the building and management of power stations with over 100MW of installed capacity. Many of Taiwan's landmark PV system installations have been the work of Hengs, including PV power stations at AUO-Sungen (the largest in Taiwan at 9MW), at Taiwan High Speed Rail's Zuoying Station and Yunlin Station, at the Kaohsiung MRT depot, etc.

Hengs recognized very early on that the operation & maintenance of power stations determines whether the long-term returns from a PV power station conforms to the investor's financial forecasts. This led to Hengs immediately offering dual investor guarantees when the "Renewable Energy Development Act" was passed in 2010. The dual guarantees consist of total warranty service and guaranteed generating capacity throughout the 20-year warranty period. To enforce this dual guarantee policy, Hengs maintains high engineering quality, plentiful parts inventory, data quality management, and a dedicated O&M management.

To further standardize and internationalize its service process, Hengs turned to TUV Rheinland for Operation & Maintenance (O & M) company certification service, making it a leader in the PV system industry. PV power stations have a life-cycle of over 20 years, and their actual construction is just the beginning. While the design, construction, and O&M phases may all seem to be independent of each other, each phase has an impact on the next, as well as on the ultimate return. Ignoring any warning signs in each phase, or failing to carry out concrete improvements, will have an impact on the power station's bottom line. Though there are many companies that claim to offer O&M services, TUV Rheinland believes that O&M involves more than just cleaning modules. There are many other hidden factors that influence generating efficiency. Experience, technology, and certification are therefore the three most important criteria when selecting a suitable O&M contractor. O&M certification is like seeing a licensed physician -- a contractor certified by an independent third party will not only do its job, but also provide the power station owner with a degree of protection.
At present, only TUV Rheinland provides O&M certification services around the globe. This is a QMA comprehensive internal assessment standard developed by TUV Rheinland, based on its century-plus of experience, consisting of 8 main internal review indicators. A score of over 80 must be achieved both for each indicator and for the overall average to obtain certification. The full process generally takes 6 months. The purpose of the certification is to help a company standardize its documentation and on-site processes. The emphasis is on certifying team capabilities, and ensuring that personnel changes won't impact corporate competitiveness. The QMA standard even covers such details as whether O&M personnel don proper protective devices and safety ropes before the start of work. The detailed requirements ensure that any problems encountered during future maintenance can be quickly identified. Chow said, "Our company's products are used for generating power, so safety is very important. TUV Rheinland's priority on personal safety matches perfectly with our company's corporate values." Management based on systematic SOPs also helps Hengs cultivate training teams for the establishment of overseas support capacity.

As TUV Rheinland is the first international certification body to propose the value of power station O&M, Hengs hopes that its O&M certification will help to highlight and demonstrate the company's professional capabilities. Prevention is better than cure. As Hengs has learned from its 19 years of experience with power stations, proper planning and routine O&M management are essential to ensuring the reliability of PV systems and reducing business risks.

To banks, the returns produced by stable power generation are also an indicator of trustworthiness. TUV Rheinland is a third-party certification organization that has extensive experience with PV power station testing and inspection, O&M certification, and buyer services recognized by Munich Re. It can therefore effectively help power station operators control their investment and technical risks, improve the generating efficiency and quality of their power stations, and expand into overseas markets.
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